ServiceXS organizes symposium on 8 December

ServiceXS organizes a symposium on December 8th in the afternoon. Topics will vary from general presentations on project results and collaborations in the recent past to exciting new technologies or applications.

Anyone interested is welcome to join us that afternoon after registering in advance (free registration; registration is open until 1st of December!). Seats available are limited so make sure you are in time! For more information or registration for this event, contact us here.


Preliminary Program:

ServiceXS will disclose the program in more detail as soon as possible. Technologies that will most likely be discussed are genotyping, gene expression analysis, next generation sequencing and third generation (single molecule) sequencing. We believe to have found an interesting group of speakers (find the preliminary list of speakers below):

  • Identification of the gene underlying smoky flavour in tomato using a combination of array-based genotyping, digital gene expression and metabolomics - Dr. A.G. Bovy (WUR: PRI, Biodiversity and Breeding)
  • Tissue specific transcriptome profiling during arabidopsis seed germination - Dr. Ing. L. Bentsink (WUR: Plant Physiology)
  • Bayesian integration of genomic and transcriptomic data in a mouse obesity model - Dr. L. Janss (Aarhus University: Statistical Genetics)
  • Unique applications using Pacific Biosciences single molecule sequencer
    - Prof. dr. J. den Dunnen (LUMC: Human Genetics)



Wageningen, Radix Building (W01+W02) of University of Wageningen.



December 8, 2011 from approximately 13.00 - 17.00 hours.


Register in advance by sending an email to ServiceXS. Please indicate the names, the organization, the department and email addresses of all participants. Please note that the seats are limited.