ServiceXS Coordinator of European Consortium

Sequencing tumor material for diagnostic purposes can be quite a challenge. On November 24 and 25 ServiceXS organized the kick-off meeting of the FAST-SEQ consortium.

The FAST-SEQ consortium consists of four partners: ServiceXS, the Leiden University Medical Center (Depts. of Pathology and Surgery), FlexGen and MicroDiscovery. The first three are all from Leiden, the last partner is from Berlin. It is the first time in the history of ServiceXS that it acts as coordinator in a European consortium.

FAST-SEQ is an acronym for  “Focused Analysis of Solid Tumor material by single molecule SEQuencing”. The aim of the project is to develop Next Generation Sequencing methods that can be used for the diagnosis of paraffin-embedded tumour material. The funding is obtained from the European EuroTransBio program.  Unfortunately, FAST-SEQ will be the last EuroTransBio project with Dutch participation, as the Netherlands announced to leave the EuroTransBio program.

At the kick-off meeting final decisions were made on the experimental design of the project. The participants are optimistic with respect to the feasibility of the scientific program and hope to make significant progress in the near future.