Participation in two new Marie-curie ITN programs

In the 2012 and 2013 Marie-Curie ITN calls, only 12 to 13% of the submitted proposals were selected for funding. ServiceXS participated in eight proposals of which two were selected for funding. Hence, we are very happy to announce that we are joining the kidney-focused training networks TranCYST and iMODE-CKD.


TranCYST is a translational Research and Training Network focussing on Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease. The Training Network’s mission is to provide a translational multidisciplinary Research Training Programme for talented young researchers, so as to prepare them for leading roles in Polycystic Kidney Disease research in European academia and industry. The broad objectives of the training network include the characterization of molecular pathologic changes, validation of preclinical disease models, drug identification and preclinical drug testing, definition of new tools for early prediction and monitoring of cystic renal disease progression, as well as evaluating ongoing clinical trials. ServiceXS will employ one experienced researcher (‘ER’-fellow), who will be trained to become an all-round molecular and systems biologist.


The iMODE-CKD project is also aimed at chronic kidney disease (CKD). The main objectives of iMODE-CKD are:

  • Training young scientists to become the next generation of true translational multidisciplinary researchers exploiting multiple -omics technologies to their full extent. 
  • Training young scientists in Systems Biology approaches to decipher molecular pathology and understanding clinical phenotypes. 
  • Identifying and validating molecules involved in progression of renal complications trough clinical –omics in established CKD. 
  • Understanding the molecular determinants of CKD through integrative Systems Biology.

The project partners will build in-silico models of the molecular pathology of kidney diseases. Such approaches will also enable development of new and specific drugs; and pave the road towards stratified/personalized medicine. ServiceXS will participate in the RNA-seq experiments and array-based expression profiling. We will employ one ESR (early stage researcher) for 36 months.


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