New & Fast Sequencing service

ServiceXS always strives to offer our customers the most advanced, cutting edge technology for DNA and RNA analysis. In this tradition, we are proud to announce our newest addition: Ion Proton sequencing technology. ServiceXS acquired four Ion Protons and we are in the final stages of the validation process, according to ISO 17025 guidelines. For more information on the different applications and service contact us.

"The Ion Proton technology is an excellent addition to the sequencing solutions we already offer. With the four Ion Protons we will be able to serve our customers the fastest turnaround time without compromising on data quality or quantity." - Mark de Jong, Project Manager for Sequencing applications at ServiceXS.

The data quality and quantity of the Ion Proton are compared to existing sequencing platforms and are found to be meeting expectations. With the release of the PII chip soon (expected later this year), they will be exceeding current standards. Ion Proton sequencing is a Next Generation Sequencing technique based on the proven Ion Torrent semiconducting technology. Essentially, this technology is a very smart pH-meter. Read more about the Ion Proton technology on our website.