New Systems Biology Project

EU Project SysVasc –
The search for pathological tissue changes in cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular diseases, like coronary heart disease, infarct, heart failure, and stroke, are number one killers in the Western world. The individual causes of these chronic illnesses are still mostly unknown. Under the coordination of the Medical University of Graz, an international team of leading researchers is contributing to the EU project ‘SysVasc’ for the purpose of clarifying the cause of disease and promoting preventative measures and innovative therapeutic methods. ServiceXS is a full partner in this consortium. The company contributes its knowledge and expertise in the field of genome analysis, transcriptomics and systems biology.

The SysVasc consortium uses modern, systematic medical approaches for the development of early and individual diagnosis and treatment through the use of new biomarkers from blood and urine (personalised medicine). “Based on a comprehensive cause study, early detection will be improved in the future and tailored to individuals. This will improve the effectiveness, specificity and side-effects of treatment”, summarizes Burkert Pieske, coordinator of the project.

The FP7 project funded by the European Commission granted 6 million Euros and will run for 4 years.


Facts and Figures

Full project title: “Systems Biology to Identify Molecular Targets for Vascular Disease Treatment”
Short title: “SysVac”
Coordinator: Medical University of Graz
Grant: FP7 contract nr 603288

Funding: 5,976,413 Euro for the entire consortium
Start: February 2014
Duration: 4 years
Contact: Prof. dr. Bart Janssen
Project website: