Data Analysis Guidelines Now Available

Do you want to get fast, reliable, and already analyzed Next Generation Sequencing Data? 

NGS-Pipelines Data Analysis of your Next Generation Sequencing data is the key to a successful sequencing project. Using our proprietary data analysis pipelines, developed and tested by our bioinformaticians, you get access to fast and high quality datasets which are easy to understand and you can immediately work with.


Our team of bioinformaticians have validated standard data analysis pipelines. Examples of these pipelines are:

  • de novo assembly
  • small variant calling (SNP discovery for resequencing)
  • mRNA sequencing analysis (differential gene expression)
  • small RNA sequencing analysis: quantification and differential expression analysis
  • automated assembly and annotation for prokaryotic genomes
resequencing analysis pipeline    denovo pipeline prokaryotes   mRNA seq pipeline


The comprehensive guidelines of two of these proprietary pipelines are now available for download. The documents contain information about the workflow, the analysis and explanations of the files you will receive. Our bioinformatics services are focused on providing you data that you can immediately interprete.

No need to wait for specialized (bio)informaticians. No need to train yourself or colleagues in the ever-changing field of sequencing analysis. No need to acquire additional computing power to handle the vast amount of raw sequencing data. At ServiceXS you have direct access to all-in services. Send in your DNA or RNA samples, and you get analyzed summarized files back to start data interpretation.


Get direct access to the mRNA sequencing guidelines and small variant calling analysis guidelines by downloading our bioinformatics service guidelines.