Welcome at ServiceXS and nowadays GenomeScan
We are a genomics service provider that stands for quality, innovation and knowledge. We perform genomics experiments for scientists as a service, on state-of-the-art and expensive equipment.

You send your valuable DNA and RNA samples to us, and we prepare and analyze them and send reliable high quality data back. We are highly involved in your project. That’s the key.


ServiceXS was established in 2002 by five young and dynamic pioneers in genomics. Each brought in their own expertise, and all with the same drive and passion. In the early years of this century the evolution of  technology for DNA and RNA discovery started to evolve more rapidly. From the start the decision was made to always stay at the forefront of the latest technologies. It is not strange that we were among the first service providers to add the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology to the existing microarray portfolio, in 2006. 


The ideas and enthusiasm of our more than satisfied customers in the early days confirmed us that we were on the right track. That gave us the energy to build the company into what it is today. Outsourcing your genetic experiments to ServiceXS is the ideal alternative to setting up all technologies yourself. 

It saves you time and money and gives you the security that your experiments will be run fast and accurately by experienced personnel. ServiceXS invests in adopting the latest available technologies, instruments and software. We speak your language!


As technology evolves rapidly so ServiceXS expands rapidly. Within a few years, we outgrew the building where we started and moved to the ‘Pelikaan’ where blood bank ‘Sanquin’ is located as well. In this building we occupy two entire floors. Here, we still have room to grow and work on your projects. Today thirty people work together with a large group of customers on an even larger number of projects. And numbers keep increasing every year.


Passion for Genomics
ServiceXS employs a lot of technical experts with a passion for genomics and a lot of knowledge that they want to share. Like no other we know how important your precious DNA or RNA samples are. Therefore we put all our knowledge and expertise in your projects to meet your expectations. Our people are eager to serve and advise you and help select the best possible approach to answer your scientific questions.


Our wide range of services goes from experimental design, consultation, assay performance, validation to extensive data analysis. Our dedicated laboratory team all have in-depth knowledge of biosciences and extensive technical expertise. For example, the rapidly changing landscape of genomics and especially the huge amount of data generated by the new technologies demands a completely new specialism, Bioinformatics. Within ServiceXS we have people dedicated to building our own proprietary data analysis pipelines for sequencing projects. Alternatively, we will custom develop data analysis pipelines for your project. What makes ServiceXS different? Key is that we do not only perform your experiments but we are extremely involved in your project’s success.


Not the same ServiceXS as in the early days
Different customers find different aspects important. The demand for standardization of the experiments became evident. Nowadays recognized quality is one of the major keys to act as a service provider in the genomic field. Therefore we are very proud to inform you that in April 2011, ServiceXS received as the only service provider in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg the ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for genomic next generation sequencing (NGS) of genomic samples.


Besides the NGS, our accreditation also includes the services for genotyping, gene expression profiling and array-based epigenetic profiling services. But there is more, ServiceXS is also an Illumina Certified Service Provider (CSPro) as well as an authorized Affymetrix Service Provider.

ServiceXS company name changed to GenomeScan

Because of the existing close relationship between ServiceXS and the LUMC from the start of ServiceXS and the need to work more close together especially in diagnostics we decide to strenghten our forces in a new company. This results in the end of 2014 in a new company called GenomeScan. GenomeScan received her ISO /17025 accreditation in March 2015. 


What’s next?
Genomics will stay our passion. The constantly changing field in which we work keeps us aware and eager. We keep delivering the best possible quality. Technically superior, intelligent and with realism. We will stay in the forefront of quality, knowledge and innovation to deliver highly reliable data. Those are our driving forces that will keep us going for many more years.