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Sequencing Guidelines

Illumina sequencing

Sequencing solutions for the HiSeq 2500 using v4 chemistry and the NextSeq 500. Applications include de novo seq, SNP discovery, targeted sequencing, mRNA seq, ChIP seq and more.

v6.0 01/10/2015

PacBio sequencing

PacBio RS: single molecule sequencing. Third generation sequencer with ultra long reads, ideal for de novo sequencing of small genomes, use in combination with Illumina's Hiseq 2500 for hybrid assembly and for target sequencing.

v1.0 01/03/13

Data Analysis for Sequencing

mRNA Sequencing Analysis Guidelines

mRNA sequencing guidelines for gene expression analysis using NGS. Download the guidelines for more information about our proprietary data analysis pipeline.

v2.0 01/10/2015

Data Analysis Pipelines for Sequencing Data Guidelines

Get the most out of your Next Generation Sequencing data with our data analysis service. We have several proprietary and validated data analysis pipelines for your sequencing projects.

v2.0 01/10/2015

Variant Analysis Guidelines

Variant analysis guidelines are available for the data analysis of resequencing NGS data. This proprietary analysis pipeline allows for SNP discovery and provides you with VCF and spreadsheet format (summary) files.

v3.0 01/10/2015

Methylation Guidelines

DNA methylation

Illumina DNA methylation analysis on the HumanMethylation 450K BeadChips. Cost-effective method to interrogate over 480.000 methylation sites.

v5.0 01/10/2015

Gene Expression by Array Guidelines

Microarray services

Guidelines for array-based techniques for all samples including FFPE and low-input samples. We offer both gold-standard array platforms: Illumina Beadchips and the Affymetrix GeneTitan parray plates.  

v1.1 01/10/2015

Genotyping Guidelines

Affymetrix Axiom Genotyping (custom and catalog)

Genotyping with Affymetrix Axiom technology. Ideal for fixed panel or catalog SNPtyping for mid- or high throughput projects.

Included are Illumina SNP iSelect (Custom genotyping) and SNP Infinium (Focused Agriculture or Human Genotyping).

Catalog BeadChips are available for human such as HumanCytoSNP-12 and HumanOmni array types. Other Beadchips include SNP content for bovine, ovine, porcine, canine and maize.

v3.0 01/10/15