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ServiceXS and now GenomeScan is Europe's leading service provider in Next Generation Sequencing and Array-based services on state-of-the-art equipment. Continue reading about our service portfolio, quality management system or our in-house technology platforms.

Our broad range in technologies allows us to serve a varied range of customers and research fields. We focus on the following areas of expertise:


Clinical Research and Diagnostics

Diagnostics GenomeScan is an ISO 17025 L518 accredited service laboratory. We offer Next Generation Sequencing and Array-based solutions. Our diagnostic services are performed using strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), guaranteed deliverables quoted (quality and output), fast turnaround times. Continue reading about our Clinical Research and Diagnostics services...


Cancer Research and Pathology

Pathology_Cancer_Research Our services for Pathology and Oncology include solutions for preclinical and translational research and diagnostics. The main services include DNA (hydroxy)methylation profiling services, microarray analysis, and several Next Generation Sequencing applications. We have a high throughput facility and solutions for FFPE samples. Continue reading about our cancer research and pathology laboratory services...


Translational Medicine in Human Genetics

translational_medicine_services This broad interdisciplinary field of research includes (but is not limited to) human genetics, immunology, neurogenetics and more. We have ample experience in processing RNA and DNA derived from blood or other tissues, and offer low-input services for array-based expression analysis. Continue reading about our Translational medicine services and applications...


Drug Discovery and Development

DrugDiscovery In pharmaceutical research (both academia and industry) strict regulated and transparent performance of (pre)clinical studies are important. With our ISO 17025 accreditation and experience working with NDA, we are the ideal outsourcing partner for your gene expression profiling and Next Generation Sequencing studies. Continue reading about our services for (Bio)Pharmaceutical Research...


(Medical) Microbiological Research

The analysis of prokaryotic and eukaryotic microorganisms (yeast, fungi, bacteria, archaea, protozoa) and the interaction between the pathogenic microorganisms and hosts/environment require specialized services and applications. De novo sequencing, bacterial identification, metagenomic sequencing, automated assembly and annotation, are examples of our applications. Continue reading about our Microbiology services.


Plant Breeding and Genomics

Plant_Breeding_services We are the leading service provider for plant breeding worldwide. We have ample experience in high-throughput custom genotyping, SNP discovery and de novo sequencing projects. Whether you are working with arabidopsis, a specific crop or horticultural samples, we are experienced with the analysis of polyploid samples. Continue reading about our marker-assisted molecular breeding, phytopathology and other plant genomics services.


Animal Research and Veterinary Genetics

Animal_Genetics Animal research, breeding and veterinary genetics involve a variety of disciplines and services. Whether you are interested in specific markers in cattle, researching evolution, or prevent outbreaks among animals, we offer you a wide range of services. Continue reading about our Next Generation Sequencing, (custom) genotyping or gene expression analysis for animal genomics research...