With our broad range of services and platforms, we can offer microbiologists from academic institutes and industry the most innovative technologies at top quality. We have experience with fungal and bacterial genome sequencing and developed a data analysis pipeline specific for small prokaryotic genome variant analysis. This SAA pipeline (the ServiceXS automated Assembly and Annotation pipeline) is ideal for de novo sequencing of your microbial genomes.


Laboratory Services for Microbiology:

  • Prokaryotic Genome Sequencing
    • Sequencing for strain identification
    • Prokaryotic genome de novo sequencing & use the proprietary ServiceXS automated assembly and annotation pipeline
    • Prokaryotic genome resequencing
    • 16S rRNA sequencing
    • Whole Metagenome sequencing
  • Transcriptome sequencing
    • Sequencing-based expression analysis
    • DeepCAGE/NanoCAGE sequencing
    • cSNP discovery, finding novel and rare transcripts, ORFs identification
  • Expression analysis using Affymetrix GeneTitan plates


Technologies Available for Microbial Analysis:

Contact our microbiology application specialist for unbiased consultancy on the methodology of interest.