Molecular Breeding

Developments in biotechnology have influenced breeders to develop more efficient selection systems, replacing the traditional phenotype-based selection processes. With Marker-Assisted Selection, you use a marker for indirect selection of a genetic trait of interest. 

We can aid plant breeders, by offering molecular breeding services. Our services start with marker development to discover markers in the germplasm of your crop. We offer marker validation services to confirm your markers for the downstream selection. And last but not least, we facilitate high-throughput routine genotyping exerpiments to screen large sample sets for marker selection.

We offer these services on a wide variety of innovative Next Generation Sequencing and Array-based genotyping technologies. We provide you with extensive consultancy, professional project management, reliable and high quality data, and customer oriented services.


Marker Development

Discover markers in your germplasm by using one of our Next Generation Sequencing platforms. The approaches we use for the discovery of markers are whole genome sequencing, transcriptome sequencing or reduced representation sequencing. Subsequently, data is analyzed by our proprietary analysis pipelines specifically developed for plant breeding marker development in crops. Find your candidate trait-causing SNPs, by using the our marker development applications as a service.

Marker Validation

Validate the SNPs you retrieved from the marker development service, by screening medium to large sample sets. Our knowledge include design and use of various types of genotyping panels and sequencing-based genotyping methods. Confirm your markers for down-stream marker-assisted selection.


Marker-Assisted Selection

We are also able to perform your routine genotying experiments for marker aided selection. We have high-throughput technologies available (sequencing and array-based genotyping) to screen your species of interest.


About GenomeScan

We are an independent and professional service provider, working under strict confidentiality and NDAs. Due to our ISO 17025 accreditation, we offer guaranteed data quality and output within a specific turnaround time. We have a dedicated team of scientists to perform these standardized services. Next to that, we have a research and development team working on improving and implementing new services.