NextSeq 500: our newest Next-Gen Sequencer

Illumina NextSeq 500 is the newest Next Generation Sequencer within the ServiceXS laboratories. The NextSeq is an ideal addition to the HiSeq 2500, Ion Proton, and PacBio sequencing platforms. It increases our capacity, shortens our turnaround time, and increases the flexbility of our sequencing services. Your project determines the platform used.

ServiceXS has opened up this new sequencer for the EarlyXS program


NextSeq 500 Features and Benefits:

Our NextSeq 500 sequencing service allows ServiceXS to deliver your data faster to you. For small to medium sized projects, we can be more cost efficient. The NextSeq is ideal for these smaller projects, for pilot studies, or NGS projects with time pressure.

  • Speed: one-day-sequencing workflow
  • Flexibility in throughput
  • Read Lengths: up to 2x150 bp
  • Data Output: generation of up to 108-120 Gb data per run



For more information regarding the service workflow and sample requirements, download our guidelines. Part of our NGS service is an extensive data quality QC, including data filrtering and qualty assessments. We offer additional advanced bioinformatics pipelines to offer an all-in NGS solution.


Interested in the NextSeq 500 or one of our other NGS servicesGet direct access to our competitive prices, or contact us through phone for free project consultancy: +31 71 568 1050.