Technology Platforms

Innovation is one of our key values and this shows as we continuously add new platforms and protocols to our portfolio after validation through our EarlyXS program. Benefit from using only one service provider for all your genomic experiments. 


Our Technology Platforms:

HiSeq 2500

Illumina's HiSeq 2500 with v4 chemistry is the platform of choice for large NGS projects. Applications include (re)sequencing of genomes, whole exome sequencing, RNA sequencing, ChIP-Seq, Metagenomic Analysis and more. 


NextSeq 500

NextSeq500 Illumina's NextSeq 500: our newest desktop Next Generation Sequencer with a one-day-sequencing workflow. Fastest Illumina Sequencer ideal for small or medium NGS projects. Sequence your Genomes, Exomes or RNA samples with our NGS service.


Ion Proton

Ion Torrent's Ion Proton is a semiconductor sequencer combining speed, amount of data, and flexibility all in one. ServiceXS was the first in Europe to acquire the Ion Proton. With the Ion Proton with PII chip, we can offer fast and flexible services, ideal for RNA Sequencing or Exome seq with little DNA input.


PacBio RS II

The PacBio RS II  is a Single Molecules in Real Time (SMRT) sequencer. It generates the longest reads (average of more than ~4000bp), making it ideal for de novo sequencing aiding genome assembly, sequence repeat regions, and it has minimal GC-bias.



Agilent's Sure Select is a target enrichment solution for next generation sequencing, using the Illumina HiSeq 2500 or NextSeq 500 platform. SureSelect offers standard kits like the human all-exon, as well as custom panels. Save costs by sequencing only your region of interest.


Axiom Genotyping

Affymetrix Axiom technology is a flexible and affordable genotyping platform, available in custom format and pre-designed Arrays from Affymetrix. ServiceXS has ample experience with genotyping projects and in particularly in the processing of large sample collections.


GeneTitan Expression Profiling

The GeneTitan of Affymetrix facilitates high-throughput gene expression analysis using plate formats in stead of cartridges. This instrument reduces variation by automating several steps of the workflow and it's high-throughput capacity.


Infinium Genotyping

The Illumina Infinium assay is used for our genotyping and the methylation profiling experiments using the Illumina Human Methylation450K chip. The Infinium platform is ideal for large scale projects. ServiceXS is Illumina CSPro for the Infinium Assay.