Axiom Genotyping

Our Affymetrix GeneTitan acquisition added the Affymetrix Axiom® Array platform to our genotyping services. The Axiom technology is a flexible and affordable genotyping platform, available in custom format and pre-designed Arrays from Affymetrix. We have ample experience with genotyping projects and particularly in the processing of large sample collections.


Axiom Genotyping on panels developed by Affymetrix: 

The Affymetrix Axiom® Array platform is a flexible and high‐powered functional biology solution for affordable genotyping of large sample collections. The pre-designed arrays incorporate multiple content categories including:

  • A powerful advanced design Genome‐Wide Association Study (GWAS) panel of genotype‐tested markers for high‐coverage analysis in major ethnic groups, rare coding SNPs and InDel markers for exome analysis from Affymetrix’ content‐leading Axiom® Exome Array
  • ADME and other clinically relevant markers
  • Newly discovered loss‐of‐function variants including sequence insertions and deletions from recent exome sequencing initiatives.


Axiom Genotyping for custom genotyping projects:

With the Axiom® myDesignTM tool, cost-effective custom arrays including markers for multiple species on the same array for individual researchers of consortia can be designed. Between 1,500 – 675,000 SNPs per array is possible. A low sample commitment of 480 samples and a reorder for as few as 192 samples makes this platform very flexible and scalable. With every order 100% identical SNP content without dropouts will be delivered for as long as your research necessitates.


The Axiom Technology:

Starting with 200 ng total genomic DNA, the Axiom genotyping assay starts by amplifying and randomly fragmenting into small pieces (between ~25 and 125 bp). These fragments are purified, resuspended and hybridized to the Axiom plates. After the hybridization, the bound target is washed to remove non-specific fragments minimizing the background noise caused by random ligation events. Each polymorphic nucleotide is queried. After ligation, the staining and imaging is performed using the GeneTitan.


Affymetrix Axiom genotyping service on the GeneTitan:

  • Throughput service, scalable from mid- to high throughput
  • Input from as low as 200ng extracted DNA
  • Genotype call rates ≥ 99% 
  • Accurate and robust: delivers high quality and consistent data
  • 100% identical SNP content for as long as your research necessitates