GeneTitan Expression Profiling

GeneTitan platform is an automated solution for analyzing gene expression levels and is also used for genome-wide SNP genotyping (Axiom genotyping). The instrument automates array processing from hybridization to data generation by combining a hybridization oven, fluidics processing and imaging, making it a mid to high-throughput platform. Most GeneChips are now available in the GeneTitan array plate format.


Affymetrix GeneTitan Platform

  • Gene Expression Profiling: 
    • 3' IVT plates (e.g. Human U133+ and other model organisms)
    • Gene ST plates (e.d. Human Gene ST 1.1 and other model organisms)
    • Specialized protocols for low RNA input

We offer Affymetrix microarray services on 16-sample array plates, 24-sample array plates and 96-sample array plates (or a combination). We also validated the protocol for samples containing low amounts of RNA.


Advantages of the Affymetrix GeneTitan technology:

  • Throughput service, scalable from mid- to high throughput
  • Robust instrument
  • Accurate: delivers high quality and consistent data
  • Less hands-on-time
  • More cost-effective than cartridge arrays