Infinium Genotyping

We have been appointed Illumina CSPro for the Infinium assay for many years. The technology is great for the screening of large sample sets for a relative high amount of SNPs (starting from 6000 SNPs). Also, custom genotyping projects are an excellent follow-up study after SNP discovery with our next generation sequencing service.


What we offer using the Infinium technology:

Custom Genotyping:

The Infinium iSelect is ideal for the analysis of large sample sets, on custom designed BeadChips (starting from 6000 SNPs). We have become experts in custom genotyping, offering an all-in service: including the coordination of the custom SNP design, processing large sample sets and generating high quality reliable data. 


Catalog Genotyping BeadChips:

Illumina has fixed panels/catalog BeadChips for agrinomics as well as different human panels, supporting a variety of applications such as candidate-gene studies in cancer, cardiovascular disease and more. For human research, Illumina also developed arrays specific for cytogenetic analysis and/or CNV and LOH analysis. BeadChips are starting from 300,000 markers per sample to 5 million and the number is increasing still.


Methylation profiling: Illumina HumanMethylation450K

This BeadChip allows you to interrogate over 450,000 methylation sites at a single nucleotide resolution. It contains 90% of the HumanMethylation27 BeadChip, and is ideal in combination with the gene expression BeadChip. Additional high value content selected by experts include: CpG islands and shores, CpG sites outside of CpG islands, non-CpG methylated sites, sites found to be differentially methylated in tumor versus normal (multiple forms of cancer) and across several tissue types, CpG islands of coding regions, miRNA promotor regions, and disease associated regions through GWAS.

Benefits of the Illumina's Infinium assay is that you do not need Me-DIP (methylated DNA immunoprecipitation) and the coverage of the RefSeq genes, promoter- 5'- and 3'-regions, is without bias towards those lacking CpG islands.