Ion Proton

Ion Proton (Ion Torrent) of Life Technologies, is a semiconductor sequencer. It provides speed, high output, and flexibility all in one. Where the Ion Torrent PGM is ideal for small genomes, a subset of genes and ChIP Seq - the Ion Proton using the PI chip generates more data. 

This platform is ideal for RNA sequencing and whole exome sequencing. With the launch of the PII Chip, genome analysis will be available as well.

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Ion Proton advantages:

  • Fast turnaround time
  • High data output
  • High accuracy and quality
  • Primary data analysis

Ion Proton sequencing applications

  • Whole exome sequencing
  • Strand specific transcriptome sequencing/mRNA seq
  • Whole genome sequencing (when the PII chip is launched)


Ion Torrent Technology:

Ion Proton sequencing is a Next Generation Sequencing technique based on Ion Torrent semiconducting technology. Essentially this technology uses DNA fragments coupled to very small ‘Ion Sphere’ beads, which will individually fit in a tiny well on the Ion sequencing chip. Every well on this chip detects the release of protons when nucleotide incorporation occurs. This proton release will be detected by a pH sensor, which signal is subsequently converted to a binary signal and a specific nucleotide call.

Ion Proton sequencing does not use fluorescent labels, thus eliminating the need for complicated optical instruments. This, in combination with a total of 165 million detection wells on a single PI chip, reduces sequencing time greatly, making it possible to perform massive parallel sequencing in a matter of hours.

The Ion Torrent technology is suitable for many popular applications, such as exome, transcriptome and genome sequencing. With the announcement of the Ion PII chip, the number of detection wells will be increased even further to approximately 660 million per chip, making true deep sequencing of your samples reality in just a few hours.