NextSeq 500

NextSeq 500 is a new desktop Next Generation Sequencer of Illumina. This sequencer is fast and flexible, enabling a wide range of applications. From Genome sequencing to sequencing based expression analysis.

Compared to the HiSeq 2500 the NextSeq 500 sequences in a fraction of the turnaround time and with longer reads (150 basepairs compared to 125 basepairs). Compared with the MiSeq, the NextSeq generates more data. Get direct access to NextSeq 500 sequencign services


NextSeq 500 Advantages:

Illumina's NextSeq 500 is a system that allows us to be more flexible and you get your data even faster. The features and benefits of the NextSeq 500:

  • Speed: one-day-sequencing workflow
  • Flexibility in throughput for more data or saving costs
  • Longer read lengths: up to 2x150 bp
  • Generation of up to 108-120 Gb data per run

All sequencing demands are met with the two flow cell configurations. The high capacity flow cell generates up to 400 million clusters according to Illumina specs. Read lengths are variable: single read 75, paired-end 150bp or 75 bp, resulting in up to 120 Gb of sequencing data.

The mid output flow cell shortens the run time and is more cost effective, generating up to 39 Gb (single read 150, paired-end 75 or 150 bp) data according to the specs provided by the manufacturer. As for data quality, more than 75% of the bases have a Q30 score or better. 


NextSeq 500 Applications:

The NextSeq 500 is ideal for small to medium sized NGS projects. In one workflow of only a day, you can sequence:

  • 1 to 16 exomes
  • 1 to 20 transcriptomes
  • 12 to 40 gene expression profiles

Do you have more samples to be sequenced? Do not worry, we have several sequencers available, including the HiSeq 2500 with v4 SBS chemistry for large NGS studies. With the addition of the NextSeq 500 system to our sequencing portfolio, we are able to provide you an operating efficiency handling any project size. The NextSeq 500 is accessible through the EarlyXS program.


Continue reading about our Next Generation Sequencing services. or get direct access to the NextSeq 500 sequencing services.