PacBio RS II

The PacBio RS II is one of most innovative sequencers available. The technology allows ultra long read sequencing, unmatched so far. The Single Molecule Real Time (SMRT) features allow the generation of long reads, sequence GC-rich regions and repeats with high accuracy in circular consensus sequencing mode.


The PacBio RS II is ideal for de novo sequencing of small genomes and structural variation characterisation. Get access to our PacBio sequencing service.


PacBio RS II Advantages:Pacific Biosciences

  • extra long reads
  • random error occurance 
  • no GC bias
  • unique in detecting base modifications


PacBio Sequencing Technology:

One of the major features of this sequencer is the ability to produce ultra long reads of over 5000 bases long on average. Other leading NGS technologies generate relative short reads and therefore are not as equiped to characterize structural variations or repeat regions. PacBio RS II is able to tackle these problems due to the generation of ultra long reads, the high accuracy that can be obtained via circular consensus sequencing (CCS), and the minimal GC-bias providing a balanced coverage.

The single molecule sequencing real time (SMRT) technology of Pacific Biosciences is unique in its ability to detect base modifications. The analysis and interpretation of the raw data for base modifications is under development by Pacific Biosciences.


PacBio Sequencing Applications:

Genome sequencing is ideal for:

  • closure of incomplete genome assemblies
  • reducing number of contigs and scaffolding
  • complete genome assemblies
  • accurate characterization of large structural variations
  • sequencing repeat regions
  • unbiased and balanced genome coverage with minimal GC bias

Targeted Sequencing is possible through circular consensus, making a SMRT bell library format. And last but not least, PacBio RS is unique in the ability to detect base modifications.


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