We are working with the Agilent's SureSelect kits to target a specific region in the genome before sequencing. With target enrichment, you save costs by sequencing only the part of the genome that you are interested in. With this techonology we are able to increase the coverage and multiplex several samples to work much more cost effective.

There are standard kits available, for instance the human all-exon or mouse all-exon kits. You also have the flexibility to target a custom region, using SureDesign from Agilent: a free online tool for design.


What we offer:


The SureSelect technology:

Agilent's SureSelect technology is a target enrichment solution. It allows you to target a specific region through capturing that part of the genome or transcriptome. By capturing only your region of interest, you increase sample throughput via multiplexing several samples in one lane, increasing better sequencing depth and therewith saving costs. The higher the coverage, the more accurate your data and SNP calling is.

The target enrichment workflow is a solution-based system utilizing long biotinylated cRNA baits to capture the region of interest. The long cRNA baits (120 mer) provide the highest specificity. The selected regions are selected by magnetic streptavidin beads.