Get Immediate Access to New Technologies and Protocols that are being developed with the ServiceXS Community's involvement! The development of new technologies is continuous and rapid process. New sequencers are launched and updated. Protocols evolve. More efficient or type-specific sample preparations are developed by manufacturers. Be the first to try out the newest of the newest! 


The EarlyXS program

ServiceXS introduces new technologies and protocols under the EarlyXS program. This program is used for testing our successfully research protocols with customer samples. An EarlyXS project will be used for testing the deliverable boundries, which will become guaranteed in commercial services.


"Why would you take part in an EarlyXS project?"

  • first access to new technologies
  • high discounts of up to 50%


By applying to the EarlyXS program, you:

... are kept up to date with our newest technological developments
... get first notifications opportunities to enter an open EarlyXS-call
... are able to take part in or suggest research projects for our R&D department


At our laboratories, different types of research take place. The EarlyXS program is a bridge between Research and Services. Below you will find a description of our other project types.



The activities of our Research and Development department can be divided into two: one is the development of new technologies, and the other take part in long term collaborations within Europe (as an SME) with a focus of researching new possible opportunities and services. Read more about our current R&D collaborations.



Our core business is the performance of laboratory common services (sequencing, methylation analysis, genotyping and gene expression analysis services). These technologies have been thoroughly tested, validated, and are standardized by default. Most of these services are ISO 17025 accredited (our accreditation scope).



We differentiate Diagnostic services from the normal services, because of the strict diagnostic quality guidelines. All these SOPs are ISO 17025 accredited. Examples of typical Diagnostic services are: Whole Exome or Genome Sequencing, RNA Seq, or DNA Methylation analysis for profiling certain types of cancer.