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Recommendations for Gene Expression studies

RNA obtained from blood samples are relatively easy to obtain, but rather difficult to process due tot he rapidly changing expression patterns after venipuncture and the presence of high numbers of erythrocytes containing a high degree of alpha and beta globin transcripts. This technote reports on a validated protocol using PreAnalytiX PAXgeneTM Blood RNA tube and a proprietary labeling system that includes the reduction of globin RNA.

NGS Data Analysis SAA pipeline

ServiceXS developed a "SAA" software pipeline that performs fully automated assembly and annotation of de novo sequenced prokaryotic genomes. Send in your prokaryotic DNA, and receive in return a map of a fully annotated genome. By submitting keywords, you can define genes of interest, which will be highlighted on the map.

Melanoma Research

In 2005, ServiceXS joined the GenoMEL consortium to study genetic and environmental determinants of melanoma. In this technote, we report on the successful expression profiling on partially degraded RNA from FFPE tumors and on the results of a large genome-wide association analysis. GenoMEL has two papers published in Nature Genetics journal, with ServiceXS as co-author.