Services and Applications

Next Generation Sequencing and Microarray-based services are available using the latest technologies. Get in contact with us now for unbiased consultancy on what technology or platform suits your project best.

Next Generation Sequencing

Next Generation Sequencing using one of the latest Next Generation Sequencers (HiSeq 2500, NextSeq 500PacBio RS II) is one of our core businesses. We offer you the technologies that suit your project best. The applications include de novo or resequencing of Whole Genome or Exomes, Custom Targeted sequencing, (strand specific) RNA Seq, Metagenomic Analysis, ChIP Seq and more... Continue »


Bioinformatics for Next Generation Sequencing

Data Analysis services for the analysis of your NGS projects. Our team of bioinformaticians developed and validated proprietary pipelines to standardize common analyses requests. You receive easily intelligible reports and interpretable file formats for your convenience. Examples of our data analysis packages are for small variant calling, RNA sequencing, miRNA & small RNA analysis, and more... Continue »

DNA Methylation Analysis

Methylation Analysis Service For epigenetic profiling or EWAS studies we offer Illumina HumanMethylation450K services, including the bisulfite conversion. This array interrogates over 450 thousand methylation sites per sample at single nucleotide level. We offer solutions for FFPE samples as well, and will soon launch hydroxymethylation (5hmC) analysis service on human samples... Continue »

Gene Expression Analysis

Microarray Profiling services Gene Expression analysis service (microarray profiling) has been part of our portfolio from the very start. We offer the service on Illumina BeadChips (for human and mouse) and Affymetrix GeneTitan array plates services. Next to the regular gene expression profiling services, we also developed proprietary protocols for analyzing FFPE samples, globin reduction or samples with low RNA yields... Continue »


Genotyping service Our genotyping services are ideal for processing large sample sets and scoring relatively high number of SNPs per sample. The platforms available are the Illumina Infinium assay or the Affymetrix Axiom genotyping technology. ServiceXS offers custom genotyping and screening samples using one of the predefined panels of Illumina or Affymetrix... Continue »