Services and Applications

Benefit from using only one service provider for all your Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) or Microarray projects. We give you unbiased consultancy on what technology or platform suits your project best. 


Next Generation Sequencing

With the HiSeq 2500, PacBio RS II and the Ion Protons - ServiceXS can offer any kind of next generation sequencing (NGS) project. We specialize in de novo sequencing, SNP discovery, gene expression analysis and targeted sequencing like human exome or custom target enrichment.



ServiceXS has a team of highly skilled bioinformaticians available to analyze your sequencing data. We are equipped to quickly and accurately handle standard packages, and answer custom scientific questions. For microarray anlaysis, we have excellent third party contacts.


DNA Methylation Analysis

We provide human epigenetic services using the Illumina Human Methylation450K BeadChip. This array service is inclusive of bisulfite treatment and screens over 450 thousand methylation sites per sample at single nucleotide level.


Gene Expression

ServiceXS offers array-based expression profiling on the Affymetrix and Illumina platform, next to the sequencing options. We specialize in high-throughput projects, FFPE samples or samples with low RNA yields and globin reduction protocols.



We offer genotyping on catalog or custom arrays. Examples of array-based genotyping applications are: SNPtyping, CNV analysis, GWAS, association studies and linkage analysis on several technology platforms. ServiceXS has become an expert in custom genotyping of large sample sets.