NGS Data Quality

Data quality assessment on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data is crucial for the success of the overall NGS project. A major factor determining the success of a NGS project is the proper quality control and filtering of the data. Based on these quality metrics it's decided whether the data set and what part of the data set is optimal for further processing. QCs and quality scores at each level of the workflow ensures minimal errors in the final outcome. Request a quote now »


Included in our NGS service...

Standard NGS services (without advanced data analysis) includes an extensive data quality assessment free-of-charge. This data QC entails analyzing the quality of the sequencing run, the generated data, and includes data filtering and sorting for particular applications. For advanced data analysis, we offer validated bioinformatics pipelines.


Data Quality Metrics:

  • Quality score analysis (Q-score) per cycle
  • Mean probabilities of error 
  • Per Sequence Quality distribution
  • Per Cycle Base composition
  • GC-content percentage per cycle 
  • GC-content percentage per sequence read 
  • Per cycle N bases
  • Quality Score distribution
  • Trimmed Lengths

Data Filtering:

  • Quality Filtering
  • Barcode Sorting
  • Adapter Identification
  • Size Trimming
  • Error Correction
  • Statistics

Summary information of the general quality and distribution of errors are generated in comprehensive charts with clear descriptions how to interpret the sequencing results

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