Gene Expression

Gene Expression Analysis has been part of our portfolio for many years. We offer microarray analysis and RNA sequencing services. The available arrays are: Affymetrix GeneChips (for the Genetitan) and Illumina BeadChips (for human and mouse derived samples).


Gene Expression Analysis Service Features:


Workflow and deliverables:

Download our expression profiling guidelines for more information on sample requirements, gene expression analysis assay, data output and the microarray service workflow.


Our Microarray Applications and Specialized Protocols:


Standard Microarray service

The standard microarray gene expression analysis service is available for both the Illumina platform, and the Affymetrix GeneTitan plate array platform. The standard service comprises if a fast turnaround time and guaranteed deliverables.


Low RNA input

Are you working with rare and valuable patient materials? Only a small amount of tissue and cells available? The microarray service is now available for samples with extra low RNA input, starting from 500pg RNA, for both Affymetrix and Illumina technology platforms.


Human FFPE samples

Benefit now from the ServiceXS validated and ISO 17025 accredited microarray service on FFPE samples. Our team of scientists have experience analyzing preserved human tumor cohorts or tissue samples on the HumanHT-12 BeadChip of Illumina.


Sequencing-based expression analysis

Is your organism not available in catalog microarrays? Do you want more out of your samples than just the changes in gene expression? ServiceXS has ample experience in Sequencing RNA samples. Click here to go to our Transcriptome Sequencing page.