ServiceXS has ample experience with genotyping and mutation or variant analysis. Whether it is in SNP discovery, variant analysis or screening large sample sets. We are well equipped to guide you in the diverse and fast developping field of genotyping. Scoring 100,000 SNPs in 100 samples requires a completely different approach than 100 SNPs in 100,000 samples.


Below you will find a selection of our genotyping applications:

  • Custom genotyping 
    • Axiom technology of Affymetrix
    • Infinium iSelect technology of Illumina
  • Catalog genotyping 
    • Off the shelf genotyping using Affymetrix' Axiom technology
    • Off the shelf Infinium BeadChips of Illumina
  • SNP Discovery 
    • Next generation sequencing




Our Genotyping Applications:


Custom Genotyping

For array-based genotyping solutions, we offer the Affymetrix Axiom technology and Illumina's GoldenGate and Infinium iSelect. ServiceXS has ample experience in the processing of large sample sets.


SNP discovery

Next to array-based genotyping, we offer SNP discovery services. With Next Generation Sequencing technology, we resequence your DNA samples and analyze your data, reporting your variants in easy accessible spreadsheets.