DNA Methylation Analysis

DNA Analysis

DNA Methylation is an important regulator of gene expression and typically found in CpG sites. Differences in methylation patterns have been indicated to be involved in the etiology of diseases like cancer and numerous other diseases. Therefore epigenome-wide association studies (EWAS) are interesting follow-up experiments for gene expression analysis projects to understand gene regulation

Epigenetic studies have mostly been focused on detecting the methyl group on the fifth position of the cytosine (5mC), technologies however have not been able to distinguish between the conventional 5mC Methylation and the hydroxymethylation of the cytosine residue. Continue reading about our new service for the simultaneous detection of DNA hydroxymethylation analysis (5hmC).


Our DNA Methylation Analysis service includes:

  • Unbiased Project Consultancy
  • Sample Quality Control (QC)
  • Bisulfite Conversion
  • Bisulfite Conversion QC
  • Illumina Infinium assay
  • Data extraction and QC

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DNA Methylation Analysis Assay

Our epigenetic profiling services is based on the Illumina HumanMethylation450 beadchip (upgraded version of the Illumina HumanMethylation27), and as the name suggest interrogating over 450 thousand methylation sites per sample. The content of the chip has been carefully chosen by experts in the field of epigenetics in different research areas. The HM450 beadchip is an excellent tool for quantitative methylation measurement of large sample sets at single CpG site level.


Methylation Profiling Service

The methylation service includes the following steps: Quality Control on the DNA samples, bisulfite treatment, quality control on the bisulfite converted samples, Illumina Infinium assay, and primary data extraction with data quality control. ServiceXS is a Illumina CSPro for the Infinium assay. The regular DNA Methylation analysis is operated under ISO 17025 accreditation of GenomeScan, and thus performed following strict Standard Operating Procedures for optimal results.

For more detailed information on the service workflow, Illumina Infinium assay, sample requirements and more, download our DNA Methylation Guidelines.