Workflow DNA Methylation service

What to expect from our epigenetic profiling service using the Illumina 450K array:


Consultancy: In advance of the quotation phase we can help you select the best approach to answer your scientific question. Inclusion of control samples and replicates can be discussed.


We start the project by performing a quality control on the DNA samples before commencing the bisulfite treatment. The sample requirements can be found in our service guidelines. After the samples pass the QC, the bisulfite conversion will be performed and quality of the experiments will be assessed in the bisulfite QC step. Immediately the 450K Infinium assay will follow for optimal results. 


After the 450K infinium assay, the project manager will assess the DNA methylation experiments: the data QC. When the generated data fall within the specifications, We will transfer the data or sent the data to our third party service for further analysis.


You will receive regular updates from the labteam on the progress of your project.