Next Generation Sequencing

NGS Data Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) has become an important and irreplaceable tool in modern Genomics. Due to its flexibility, NGS is applied in many research areas: from clinical diagnostics, translational medicine to microbiology and argiculture. Our NGS services are performed on the newest most innovative sequencers, e.g. Illumina HiSeq 2500, NextSeq 500 and PacBio RS II. We are experienced in all genomic sequencing applications, exome sequencing, RNA Seq service for both rRNA depletion and Poly-A selection, and many more. 

A standard NGS project includes sample preparation, library validation, sequencing run, and an extensive data quality control and filtering. Contact us for professional and high quality NGS services.


NGS Services includes:

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The Next Generation Sequencers in our sequencing service portfolio are market leaders in NGS. By offering a wide portfolio you get unbiased free consultancy on what NGS technology (or even array-based) suits your project best. Our sequencing technologies:


NGS Service

NGS projects are performed following strict Standard Operating Procedures. This ensures the highest quality and reproducible results. Every sequencing project is assigned a dedicated project manager to coordinate your project.

The exact workflow, sample requirements and sample preparation are dependent on the platform of choice and application of interest. Get direct access to our NGS service guidelines.


NGS Applications

  • Genome Analysis
    • de novo sequencing
    • resequencing
    • ChIP sequencing
    • metagenome sequencing
  • Targeted Analysis
    • exome sequencing
    • custom targeted sequencing
    • sequencing of amplicons and genomic fragments
  • Transcriptome Analysis
    • mRNA sequencing: poly-A selection
    • RNA sequencing: rRNA depletion
    • strand specific RNA seq
    • miRNA & small RNA sequencing
    • deepCAGE / NanoCAGE sequencing