Next Generation Sequencing

  • Multiplatform sequencing service: HiSeq2500 / PacBio RS II / Ion Proton 
  • Multiple applications:
    de novo seq / resequencing / RNA Seq / exome sequencing / ChIP seq / metagenome seq / DeepCAGE Seq / and more.
  • ISO 17025 accredited service provider
  • Customer oriented consultancy and service
  • Guaranteed data output
  • Proprietary data analysis pipelines available
  • Illumina CSPro for sequencing and Corelab for Pacific Biosciences

Our Sequencing Applications:


Genome Sequencing

Depending on your needs we use the PacBio RS II or the Illumina HiSeq2500 for optimal results. Applications vary from de novo sequencing, SNP discovery and variant calling, amplicon sequencing, gap closing, hybrid assembly and more.


Whole Exome Sequencing

Exome sequencing is a great way of analyzing the coding sequence, without the costs needed for whole genome sequencing. Get more coverage and analyze more samples by focusing on the exome. Standard panels available for Human and Mouse.


Custom Targeted Sequencing

Next to the standard panels, like human/mouse exome, we offer custom panels for your region of interest. Available targeting methods are Agilent's SureSelect (on the HiSeq 2500) or circular consensus sequencing (with the PacBio RS II).


Transcriptome Sequencing

Get access to de novo sequencing, strand-specific RNA sequencing, and optional protocols for depletion of rRNA. Sequence to detect novel and rare transcripts, discovery of small RNAs or quantify the gene expression.


DeepCAGE /NanoCAGE Sequencing

Genome-wide analysis of 5'-end of mRNA molecules. Ideal for mapping of transcription start sites, validation of Open Reading Frames (ORF) and to directly link expression levels to the promoter regions.